DIY Drippy Project Bear Tutorial

DIY Keychain Tutorial


1. Shake and Mix!

Gently shake our paint bottles and pour the paint into your cup/ shot glass! Gently swirl the paint a few times to create a pattern to achieve your ideal design!

2. Pour!

Hold your bear by the ear and let unleash your creativity by pouring the paint over your bear! (We recommend you to do several pours to maximise the fun!)

3. Scoop!

Scoop up the remaining paint from your plate onto the bear to ensure all areas are covered!

4. Dry!

Take a picture of your drippy bear and allow 1-2 days for the paint to fully dry! When the bear begins to dry, we recommend you to move the bear off the baking paper so that the paint does not puddle around the feet.

5. Display!

Congratulations! Your very own unique bear is completed! The choice is yours on how you would like to display it!

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